Bastard Out of Carolina (karbonkid) wrote in icanlickanysob,
Bastard Out of Carolina

Mike D solo tour UPDATES!!!

here's the updated list of solo shows, all these dates are confirmed and some of 'em are new adds so check 'em out and come on out.

2/10 NYC – Knitting Factory Old Office w/ Love Story In Blood Red, The Vitamen, Julia Marvel

2/11 Baltimore, MD- TWO SHOWS-- Dangerously Delicious Pies and Mum’s

2/12 OFF

2/13 Nashville, TN- Springwater’s

2/15 Birmingham, AL - the Nick

2/18 Memphis, TN- Young Avenue Deli

2/19 Austin, TX – Long Branch Inn

2/21 Phoenix, AZ- Hollywood Alley

2/22 LA-- The Scene

2/23 LA – Mr. T’s Bowl

2/24 Las Vegas, NV - the Double Down Saloon

2/25 San Francisco, CA– Kimo’s

2/26 Portland, OR—Devil’s Point

2/27 Portland, OR – Blue Monk

2/28 Seattle, WA-- ???
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